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United Converting, using the extensive experience of its technicians is able to supply an extremely customized engineering service. By using the latest technologies available on the market we are able to respond to unique requests for product customisation to enable the tissue converter to achieve exact and innovative product specifications.
Our ability to remain extremely flexible in terms of machine customisation has, over the years, become one of our best values. This allows us to satisfy our customer’s requests and also to develop our know-how in every part of the tissue converting industry. United Converting is focused on a constant increase in the relationship of Supplier-to-Customer. Our discipline of work is “Listen and Respond” and we believe that this has helped us successfully win a number of tenders worldwide.


  • Year 2014

Carta&Cartiere Megazine (March 2014)

Carta&Cartiere Megazine (March 2014)

United Converting Srl would like to briefly introduce one of the latest projects it has completed which underpins its core focus and concept of ‘Listen & Respond’ to the customer .
This project has been commissioned by an innovative new company in the UK who required as a part of their production process an offline bespoke laminator which would be used in the production of their unique kitchen towel product .
The design brief given to United Converting Srl : the manufacture of a line that allows kitchen towel tissue (supplied in two single ply reels of 680mm deckle by 1500mm diameter) to be unwound with the application of two unique embossed designs on the upper and lower plys, then glued and laminated together and finally rewound with paper tension precisely controlled to remove any degradation of embossing quality at the start of the rewind .The requirement for a consistent quality of embossing throughout the rewound reel was essential for our client to ensure continuity of quality throughout their finished product.
The solution provided by United Converting: The design developed by our technicians includes the a narrow deckle line working up to 680mm wide, comprising two Unwind Stands, a Double Embossing Random Laminator and a bespoke customised final Rewinder.
Unwind Stands: two Unwind Stands have been employed with reel loading (up to 680mm x 1500mm) via an overhead crane and an automatic discharge system for empty reels. Automatic paper alignment is controlled by a proprietary system (Maxcess, Fife-Tidland®).
Double Embossing Random Laminator: Carbon fibre doctor blade chamber combined with a ceramic anilox roll and hydraulically operated embossing stations assure the best quality result from the process. The client specifically requested the facility to be able to adjust the glue regulation controls external of the glue deck from the main control panel and this has been achieved by use of servo motors integrated into the Motion Control PLC system.
Rewinder: This part of the process contains the most unique and innovate part of the machine which comprises a shaft driven system (as opposed to surface driven) with all critical drives being individually controlled by the use of servo motors. The system can monitor the rewound pressure between the tissue layers and control it to within 0.1 Grams/cm2 . This allows guaranteed continuity in the quality of the embossed tissue throughout the rewound reel, something the client specifically required from this design brief.
The project was commissioned in July 2013 and was installed and commissioned at the client’s factory in the UK during January 2014 thus illustrating the quick turnaround time for design and engineering offered by United Converting Srl.

United Converting Srl
United Converting Srl

United Converting Srl

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