United Converting was founded in 2004 with the aim to develop and manufacture equipment for the tissue converting industry. The requirement to start a company able to satisfy the needs of a globalised market was created from the growing demand of machinery and services being able to meet modern production requirements..
The mission of United Converting is to supply a complete service, from the design and development of new machinery, to the upgrade and optimization of existing lines through paper manufacture & processing that ultimately increases the final value of the products.
Despite still being a young company, United Converting have successfully built and installed a good number of converting lines with a first class application of the latest technologies, Our company has been able to develop new converting systems that are now patented worldwide. As well as the services listed above, United Converting, using the extensive experience of its technicians is able to supply an extremely customized engineering service, using the latest technologies available on the market and is able to respond to unique requests for product customisation to enable the tissue converter to achieve exact and innovative product specifications.
Our ability to remain extremely flexible in terms of machine customisation has, over the years, become one of our best values. This allows us to satisfy our customer’s requests and also to develop our know-how in every part of the tissue converting industry. United Converting is focused on a constant increase in the relationship of Supplier-to-Customer.
Our discipline of work is “Listen and Respond” and we believe that this has helped us successfully win a number of tenders worldwide.
Thanks to the wide and highly specialized experience of its Designers, as well as the use of the most advanced 3D design system, United Converting has been able to realize new and technologically very innovative machines for paper processing, which have been patented worldwide.


Nested Laminators


Tail Sealers


Log Saws

Core Maker

Tunnel Shrink

Our mission : United Converting offers a complete service that goes from the study of a new line, including the engineering and the supply of new machines through to the updating of existing equipment. This process and its final result will enable the converter to manufacture products with greater added value.

United Converting was started in 2004 by three people with extensive experience from both inside the tissue industry and from outside of it as well. Our development, growth and innovation has been sustained by their experience. In the years following the foundation of the company we were able to successfully install a number of tissue converting lines that have good efficiency and performance enabling us to establish United Converting on a worldwide base. With the aim to develop our customer care and to establish a service able to respond quickly and properly to satisfy every need of our customers, several offices were opened abroad. All of these offices are connected to our headquarters in Italy creating a real global network. The first regional office was created in the UK in 2005 to provide a more efficient and effective spare parts and service network in Northern Europe, the second in Japan, in the Tokyo area.
In 2013 a new office was started North America which allowed United Converting to develop an efficient service and spare parts hub for its customers in the NAFTA area. By the end of 2013 a commercial office was also opened in China, in the Guangdong Region with the aim to increase the company presence in the Far East.



Giuseppe Lupi >President

Angelo Torri >Managing Vice-President

Gianluca Giometti > Managing Vice-President


Roger Bingham > Managing Director

Arron Chandler > Sales

Lorenzo Lupi > Service & Spare Parts


Dan Clarahan > Managing Director

Antonio Nardini > Technical Director


Fumitaka Yamaguchi > Managing Director


Sunny Wu > Managing Director


The sustainability of our environment and an ‘eco-save’ sensibility are an important part of the United Converting philosophy.
It has always been one of our main considerations during the design and development of new machinery. Through our machinery, the company has always proven its care and consideration for the environment by focusing on a reduction in power consumption.
United Converting’s business practice has always been more than just the reduction of the environmental impact during the manufacture and operation of our machinery and in the development of new and more eco-friendly technology. Our ambitious aim is to encourage the people who operate and come into contact with our products to understand and hopefully adopt our eco-friendly approach and philosophy.
United Converting recognise that we must work in harmony with nature and we consider that this responsibility is not an obstacle, rather an opportunity to do business in a different way.
To develop our modern concept of sustainability, United Converting use High efficiency Servomotor and reduced friction gears in every mechanical operation used in the company’s machines. Our manufacturing processes observe all of the current recycling legislation in order to preserve the environment.

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